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I am Maverick
Full-stack Web Developer
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About Me
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My name is Maverick G. Fabroa who's currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Cebu – Main Campus. I reside in Mandaue City, Cebu here at Philippines. I have 3 years of experience in web development and a knowledge of Ionic Framework and Flutter as mobile app development.

What I do
Front-end Development

I love designing beautiful websites and turn ideas into reality.

Languages I've used:

HTML, CSS, SCSS and Javascript

Dev Tools and Frameworks:


Bulma CSS


Visual Studio Code

Vue JS

Mobile App Development
I also love creating mobile applications built with Flutter and Ionic Framework that helps community address their issues.
Languages and Frameworks I've used:

Dart, Flutter, Ionic Framework with Vue 3

Dev Tools

Ionic Framework

Vue 3


Visual Studio Code

Android Studio

Back-end Development
My role as a back-end developer is to write server-side applications, create APIs and integrate them with databases.
Languages and Framework I've used:

Node.js, PHP, JSP and Java Servlets

Dev Tools:





Apache Tomcat

Visual Studio Code